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Keratin treatment cost

How Much Does Keratin Treatment Cost? Salon Vs Home Solution

Wondering how much a keratin treatment cost?

The average cost for keratin treatment is between $200 and $600, but it can vary depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair, as well as the type of keratin treatment, experience of stylist and the location of the salon.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the factors that affect the cost of keratin treatment, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

We will also discuss How to do salon like keratin treatment at home in a cheap way.

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Keratin Treatment at Salon:

Getting a Keratin treatment at a salon is a transformative experience that promises to revitalize and rejuvenate your hair.

In the skilled hands of salon professionals, this specialized hair treatment can work wonders for a variety of hair types and concerns.

Keratin Treatment at Salon:

What are the average keratin treatment costs in the U.S.?

The average keratin treatment cost in the U.S. ranges from $82 to $400. The actual cost will vary depending on a number of factors, including the length and thickness of your hair, the type of keratin treatment you choose, and the salon where you get it done.

Here is a table of the average keratin treatment cost in each state in the US, according to StyleSeat:

StateAverage Cost
New Hampshire$400
Rhode Island$380
New York$134
New Jersey$275
West Virginia$330
North Carolina$83
South Carolina$290
South Dakota$220
North Dakota$215
Average keratin treatment costs in the U.S.

Factors Affecting the cost of keratin treatment

The factors that affect the cost of keratin treatment are:

1.The length and thickness of your hair: 

The longer and thicker your hair, the more product will be needed and the longer the treatment will take. This will naturally increase the cost.

The average cost range for keratin treatments for different hair lengths is:

  • Short Hair: For short hair, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300.
  • Medium-Length Hair: Medium-length hair might cost you between $300 and $500.
  • Long Hair: If you have long locks, be prepared to spend between $500 and $800 or more.

Remember that these are just average estimates, and the actual cost can vary widely based on various factors.

2. The type of keratin treatment: 

There are different types of Keratin treatment each one with its own price tag.

Brazilian blowout: 

This is the most popular type of keratin treatment and is known for its long-lasting results. It can last for up to 6 months. The average cost of a Brazilian blowout is between $200 and $600.

Japanese straightening: 

This type of keratin treatment is more permanent than a Brazilian blowout and can last for up to 12 months. However, it is also more expensive, with an average cost of between $500 and $1,000.

Organic keratin treatment: 

Organic keratin treatment is made with natural ingredients and is less harsh on the hair than traditional keratin treatments. It is also less expensive, with an average cost of between $100 and $300.

Express keratin treatment:

This is a shorter and less expensive version of a traditional keratin treatment. Its costs between $100 and $300.

3. The location of the salon: 

The location of the salon is one of the factors that can affect the cost of a keratin treatment. Salons in major cities tend to charge more than salons in smaller towns. This is because the cost of rent and other overhead expenses are higher in major cities.

For example, a keratin treatment in New York City may cost $500, while the same treatment in a smaller town may cost $300.

There are a few reasons for this. First, the cost of living is higher in major cities. This means that salons in major cities have to charge more to cover their expenses.

Second, there is more competition among salons in major cities. This means that salons have to charge lower prices to attract customers.

If you are considering getting a keratin treatment, it is important to factor in the location of the salon. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider getting the treatment in a smaller town.

However, if you are looking for the best possible results, you may want to get the treatment in a major city.

4. The experience level of the stylist: 

The experience level of the stylist is another factor that can affect the cost of a keratin treatment.

More experienced stylists typically charge more than less experienced stylists. This is because they have more training and expertise and can provide better results.

For example, a keratin treatment by a stylist with 10 years of experience may cost $500, while the same treatment by a stylist with 2 years of experience may cost $300.

There are a few reasons for this. First, more experienced stylists are more efficient and can complete the treatment in less time. This means that they can charge more per hour.

Second, more experienced stylists are more likely to get better results, which means that customers are more likely to be satisfied and return for future treatments.

If you are considering getting a keratin treatment, it is important to factor in the experience level of the stylist.

If you are looking for the best possible results, you may want to choose a stylist with more experience.

Is keratin treatment worth the money?

Is a keratin treatment really worth it? Well, it depends on your hair and what you’re looking for.

If you’ve been battling with frizzy hair or spending ages styling it every morning, then a keratin treatment might be a game-changer. It can make your hair smoother, shinier, and way more manageable.

Think about how long you want those fabulous results to last. Keratin treatments can keep your hair looking great for several months, which means less hassle and fewer hair products to buy.

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Speaking of hassle, if you’re tired of spending ages with your hairdryer or straightener, a keratin treatment can cut down your styling time. Just wash and go, or maybe a quick touch-up.

Plus, it can actually improve your hair’s health. It helps repair damage and reduce breakage, so your hair looks and feels healthier.

But here’s the thing – if you love your natural curls and waves, or you’re on a tight budget, a keratin treatment might not be a must.

And remember, it’s not a one-time expense. You might need touch-up treatments to keep that sleek look.

Lastly, think about where you live. If you’re in a place where humidity makes your hair go crazy, a keratin treatment can be a lifesaver. It helps your hair stand up to the humidity and stay smooth.

So, whether a keratin treatment is worth the money really comes down to what you want for your hair. It’s a personal choice, but if you’re curious, it’s worth having a chat with a stylist to see if it’s a good fit for your hair type and your lifestyle. Ultimately, it’s all about what makes you feel confident and happy with your locks.

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Keratin Treatment at home:

Doing a Keratin treatment at home can save you time and money while still giving you that salon-quality smoothness for your hair.

Keratin Treatment at home:

How Much Does a Home Keratin Treatment Cost?

The cost of a home Keratin treatment can vary depending on the brand, product quality, and the number of applications included in the kit.

Generally, you can find kits ranging from $20 to $80 or more. While it might seem like an upfront investment, it can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of a Keratin treatment without the salon price tag.

Plus, you can typically get multiple applications from a single kit, making it even more budget-friendly in the long run.

We have compiled a list of best home keratin treatment options after a lot of research.

1. Keratin Research Complex Brazilian Keratin Hair Argan Oil Blowout Treatment

This product is a true gem in the world of Keratin hair treatments. This Keratin Treatment formula makes your hair smooth and frizz free for 4-6 months.

If you want a cheap alternative to expensive salon keratin treatments, this keratin treatment formula is best option for you! I can’t recommend this product enough. Just after one use, it made my hair soft, silky and straight and I have been getting a lot of compliments since then! You can read other customer’s amazing reviews for this product.

The kit includes 300ml of the Original Formula Keratin, 300ml of Clarifying Shampoo, 300ml of Sulfate-Free Shampoo, and 300ml of Sulfate-Free Conditioner, providing everything you need for the complete treatment.

First and foremost, the application process is surprisingly simple and fast. Unlike some keratin treatments that require a waiting period, this one offers an express formula, allowing you to enjoy the fantastic results immediately.

You can apply this product for at least 3 times in just $ 79. Three trips to the salon for the same treatment would cost between $600-800. This treatment is absolutely worth a few hours of your time and effort.

2. Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul MitchelL

Looking for a Game-Changer in Keratin Treatment? Try Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell!

The Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment is our top recommendation for those seeking salon-quality results in the comfort of their own homes.

Whether your hair is dry, damaged, or color-treated, this treatment is your ticket to healthier, more radiant locks. Don’t just take our word for it—give it a try and experience the transformation for yourself!

Easy Application: Incorporating this treatment into your weekly hair care routine is a breeze. Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and rinse. It’s that simple.

How to do Salon like keratin treatment at home?

If you choose to do keratin treatment at home, you’ll definitely save a lot of time and money.

Here’s a list of essential items you’ll require for the keratin treatment process:

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Flat iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Application bowl and brush
  • Gloves
  • Heat-resistant comb

Here are the basic steps involved in a keratin treatment at home:

Choose the Right Product:

Start by selecting a high-quality Keratin treatment kit designed for home use. These kits typically include a Keratin treatment solution, clarifying shampoo, and conditioner. Ensure the product is suitable for your hair type and desired results.

Gather Supplies:

You’ll need a few basic tools, such as a comb, hair clips, a hair dryer, and a flat iron. Make sure everything is clean and in good working condition.

Prepare Your Workspace:

Find a well-ventilated area with good lighting, as you’ll be working with hair products that may emit fumes. Lay down towels or cover surfaces to prevent any spills.

Clarify Your Hair:

Wash your hair thoroughly with the provided clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup of products, oils, and dirt. This ensures that the Keratin treatment can penetrate your hair effectively. Rinse and towel-dry your hair.

Apply the Keratin Treatment:

Divide your hair into sections for even application. Put on gloves (if provided) to protect your hands. Apply the Keratin treatment solution evenly to each section, starting from the roots and working your way down to the tips. Avoid applying the product directly to the scalp. Comb through the hair to distribute the product.

Let the Treatment Sit:

Follow the specific instructions provided with your kit for the recommended processing time. This typically ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the product and your hair type.

Blow-Dry Your Hair:

Using a hair dryer, blow-dry your hair completely. This helps to lock in the Keratin treatment.

Flat Iron Your Hair:

Divide your hair into small sections and use a flat iron to straighten each section. The heat helps seal the Keratin into the hair shaft. Follow the recommended temperature settings provided with your product. Let your hair cool and set for a few minutes.

Rinse and Style:

Rinse your hair with water, but do not use shampoo or conditioner. You can style your hair as desired once it’s dry.

Maintain Your Hair:

To prolong the results, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Avoid excessive heat styling, and if you need to, use a heat protectant.

How to apply Keratin Treatment at home

Keratin Treatment Aftercare Instructions

  • Wait 3 days before washing your hair.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Avoid heat styling your hair for 24 hours after the treatment. 
  • When you do heat style your hair, use a heat protectant spray.
  • Be gentle with your hair. 

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Salon Vs Home keratin treatment: Which one is better?

Whether a salon or home Keratin treatment is better for you depends on your priorities.

If you value professional expertise, customization, and are willing to invest in salon services, a salon Keratin treatment may be the best choice.

Professional expertiseHigher cost
Quality productsAppointment scheduling
Precise application
Advanced equipment
Longer-lasting results
Pros and Cons of salon keratin treatment

If budget and convenience are your main concerns, a home treatment kit can provide satisfactory results, especially with practice and proper care.

Cost-effectiveSelf-application challenges
ConvenienceLimited expertise
PrivacyEquipment needed (flat iron, hair dryer)
Pros and Cons of keratin treatment at home.

Ultimately, it’s essential to consider your hair type, desired outcomes, and available resources when making your decision.

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How much does keratin treatment for men cost?

The cost of a keratin treatment for men can vary depending on several factors, including the salon or barbershop’s location, the specific treatment used, and the length and thickness of the individual’s hair.

On average, a keratin treatment for men typically ranges from $150 to $300 or more.

It’s essential to consult with local salons or barbershops to get accurate pricing based on your specific needs and the options available in your area. Keep in mind that the cost may also include additional services or products tailored to your hair type and desired results.

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Conclusion: How much Does Keratin Treatment Cost?

The cost of a keratin treatment can vary depending on a number of factors, including the length and thickness of your hair, the type of keratin treatment you choose, and the salon where you get it done.

However, the average cost of a keratin treatment in the United States is between $200 and $600. In Canada, the average price is between $300 and $375.

There are at-home keratin treatment kits available for purchase, which are generally more affordable than salon treatments. These kits can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 or more, depending on the brand and the number of applications in the kit.

Ultimately, the choice between professional salon treatments and at-home solutions should be guided by your specific needs and budget, but there are options available to suit various preferences and financial considerations.

Do you like going to salon for keratin treatment or prefer to do it by yourself? Let us know in comments!

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