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Why Did Purnima Restaurant Close

Why Did Purnima Restaurant Close? Some Shocking Reasons!

Purnima Restaurant, once a struggling Indian eatery in New York City’s Times Square, found unexpected fame and success after being featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show “Kitchen Nightmares.”

However, despite its initial turnaround, the restaurant ultimately closed its doors in 2022. While the exact reasons for its closure remain unclear, several factors likely contributed to its demise.

Purnima Restaurant’s closure was a culmination of various challenges and issues that plagued its existence, leading to its eventual shutdown. Here are eight key reasons behind the closure:

1. Financial Strain:

Purnima Restaurant grappled with substantial financial challenges, experiencing monthly losses amounting to $20,000. The inability to devise an effective financial strategy, coupled with high operational costs, placed the restaurant under significant financial strain, ultimately contributing to its closure.

2. Inexperienced Management:

The management structure at Purnima, featuring three managers, including an operational manager without qualifications for American cuisine, showcased a lack of experience at the helm. This dearth of leadership expertise contributed to mismanagement and operational difficulties, impacting the overall performance of the restaurant.

3. Culinary Deficiencies:

Gordon Ramsay’s visit during the Kitchen Nightmares episode exposed critical culinary deficiencies within Purnima’s kitchen staff. The need for the operational manager to step in and prepare American dishes highlighted a fundamental lack of culinary expertise, jeopardizing the restaurant’s ability to meet diverse culinary demands.

4. Hygiene and Sanitation Issues:

Severe hygiene issues, such as flies in the kitchen, rotten ingredients, and unprofessional conduct, tarnished Purnima’s reputation. These lapses in hygiene and sanitation standards eroded customer confidence, contributing to a decline in patronage and creating a detrimental environment for sustained success.

5. Management Failures:

The failure of general manager Martin to effectively lead the staff resulted in chaotic service and dissatisfied customers. Mismanagement at the managerial level created an unsustainable operational environment, impeding the restaurant’s ability to address customer concerns and thrive in a competitive market.

6. Competitive Pressure:

Operating in the highly competitive Times Square area, Purnima faced intense competition from other Indian restaurants. The competitive landscape, coupled with the restaurant’s struggles in delivering quality food and service, created formidable challenges in attracting and retaining customers, impacting its long-term viability.

7. Post-Relaunch Challenges:

Despite successful revival efforts post-Kitchen Nightmares, Purnima encountered challenges in maintaining the standards set during the show. Persistent issues with management, cold food, and customer complaints posed hurdles to the restaurant’s sustained success, ultimately contributing to its closure.

8. Customer Dissatisfaction:

Customer complaints regarding overpriced and average food quality played a pivotal role in the decline of Purnima’s reputation.

Sustained customer dissatisfaction, fueled by perceived shortcomings in the dining experience, significantly contributed to a decline in patronage and, ultimately, the closure of the restaurant.

Understanding these multifaceted reasons provides valuable insights into the intricacies of Purnima Restaurant’s challenges and underscores the importance of addressing financial, managerial, and operational aspects for long-term success in the competitive restaurant industry.

Purnima Restaurant, located in New York City’s Times Square, closed its doors in 2022. The exact date of its closure is not publicly available, but it is believed to have been sometime in the fall of that year.

The restaurant, originally known as Dillons, opened in 2005. It struggled financially from the start, and in 2009, it was featured on the popular reality show “Kitchen Nightmares.” The show’s host, Gordon Ramsay, helped the restaurant make significant changes, and it experienced a brief period of success.

However, the restaurant’s fortunes began to decline again in the years that followed. In 2022, it was forced to close its doors permanently. The exact reasons for the closure are not known, but it is likely a combination of factors, including financial difficulties, staffing issues, and a decline in customer traffic.

In the Kitchen Nightmares episode, Purnima’s owner, Mohammed, embarked on a journey to create a new life for his family.

However, financial challenges loomed large as the restaurant faced significant losses, amounting to $20,000 per month. Compounding these issues, the restaurant had a management structure with three managers, including operational manager Andrew, who lacked the qualifications for handling American cuisine.

Culinary Challenges and Hygiene Issues: Gordon Ramsay’s visit exposed severe deficiencies in culinary expertise at Purnima. The operational manager had to step in to cook American dishes, revealing a lack of skills among the kitchen staff.

Additionally, the episode shed light on critical hygiene issues, such as flies, rotten ingredients, and unprofessional conduct in the kitchen.

Management Failures: The general manager, Martin, faced accusations of neglecting his duties, resulting in chaotic service and dissatisfied customers.

The episode underscored the detrimental impact of management failures on the overall performance of the restaurant, highlighting a need for significant improvements.

Purnima Dillons Turnaround | Kitchen Nightmares

Following the Kitchen Nightmares episode, Gordon Ramsay orchestrated a successful revival effort for Purnima.

Chef Vikas Khanna was brought in to revamp the menu and provide essential training. The restaurant underwent significant makeovers, including a name change to “Purnima,” focusing on modern Indian cuisine.

Challenges Post-Relaunch: Despite the initial success of the revamp, Purnima faced challenges post-relaunch. General manager Martin struggled to manage the staff effectively, leading to issues like cold food and customer complaints.

In response, Gordon Ramsay suggested a managerial change, with Khan taking over, ultimately leading to a successful relaunch.

Subsequent Success and Closure: Purnima managed to stay operational for two years after the Kitchen Nightmares episode, maintaining clean kitchens and operational standards.

However, despite this success, the restaurant closed its doors in 2009. Customer complaints cited overpriced and average food as contributing factors to its demise.

Is Purnima Dillons Restaurant Still Open?

The specific reasons for Purnima’s closure remain uncertain, with limited information available. Speculation suggests property damage caused by a neighbor, but it is unclear if this played a direct role in the restaurant’s ultimate demise.

Transition to Comedy Club and Bar: After its closure, Purnima transformed into Dillons comedy club before eventually becoming The Grisly Pear, a bar and comedy club. The transition showcased the adaptive nature of the property, evolving into different forms in the competitive New York City scene.

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Customers expressed their frustration with Purnima’s inability to maintain cleanliness and quality after Gordon Ramsay’s intervention.

One review highlighted the restaurant’s rapid return to a subpar state, attributing the dismal conditions to the people running it. The consensus was that a week of Ramsay’s influence couldn’t undo years of laziness, low standards, and poor ethics.

The review emphasized the owners and chefs being accustomed to low hygiene standards, evident in scenes like cooking on the floor. The place was deemed the worst in the show’s history, with chefs knowingly serving rotten food, reflecting a group with no pride or standards.

Chef Vikas Khanna’s Departure and Contrasting Destinies: A noteworthy review touched upon the departure of Chef Vikas Khanna from Purnima after working there for one and a half years.

Chef Khanna went on to open Junoon, a successful restaurant that received a Michelin star. However, the fate of Purnima took a different turn, ultimately leading to its closure.

The review implied a stark contrast in destinies, showcasing the divergent paths taken by individuals associated with the restaurant.

Challenge Overcoming the “Ick Factor”: Some customers emphasized the challenge Purnima faced in overcoming the “ick factor” associated with an infestation.

The perception created by the presence of bugs on TV was deemed difficult to overcome, regardless of Gordon Ramsay’s transformative efforts.

The review suggested that even online reviews tended to describe Purnima as mediocre in terms of food and service, with an often empty dining space, reflecting the lasting impact of negative publicity and hygiene concerns.


Purnima Restaurant, formerly known as Dillons, was the brainchild of its owner, Mohammed Islam. His vision for the restaurant was rooted in the desire to create a new and prosperous life for his family.

The history of Purnima Restaurant is marked by its transformation from Dillons, an American-Irish-Indian fusion eatery, to Purnima, a modern Indian cuisine establishment.

The restaurant’s struggles were prominently featured on the reality TV show “Kitchen Nightmares,” where renowned chef Gordon Ramsay intervened to bring about a much-needed revival.

Despite the successful efforts post-Kitchen Nightmares, challenges in maintaining standards and sustained success led to the eventual closure of Purnima in 2009.

The rise and fall of Purnima Restaurant serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by the restaurant industry.

Despite a transformative intervention, the intricacies of maintaining high standards, a distinct identity, and effective management proved elusive for Purnima, leaving an enduring impact on its legacy.

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